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Employment law is an ever-changing and developing area which constantly presents new challenges. I enjoy the problem solving required to provide clients with clear commercial solutions to employment law issues. I also like the opportunity to build long lasting relationships with clients.

I have worked with individuals and companies of all sizes on a range of legal matters, including employment contracts, settlement agreements and giving advice on tribunal claims. I take the time to understand how a client’s business works, so that I am able to provide tailored, practical advice.

Outside work, I love cooking for family and friends – any chance to show off my pizza oven is a win! I’m also enjoy watching football, tennis and cricket.

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When you suspect an employment issue is developing, seek advice as soon as possible. Prevention is always better than cure.

As an employer, ensure staff are familiar with your company’s policies and make sure these are updated regularly. Take care that these polices are precisely followed when an issue arises.

Make sure the appropriate training is in place for managers and supervisors. This should be regularly reviewed to ensure it is sufficient and changes alongside legislative updates.

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What should I do if an employee has raised a formal grievance against a manager?
If a formal grievance is raised, the company’s grievance policy should be followed. It would be prudent at this stage to seek legal advice to ensure the correct procedure is being applied and avoid any costly mistakes.

Does an employee need to seek legal advice before entering into a settlement agreement?
In order for a settlement agreement to be legally binding, the employee must receive independent legal advice from a relevant adviser before signing the agreement. It is common for an employer to contribute towards the fees for this advice.

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