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As part of the Family team, I assist people through difficult times. No matter the circumstances of your divorce, I’ll be here to listen to your concerns and help you to get the result you need.

While I typically work with high net worth individuals and company directors, I’m here to help all types of people, and it’s extremely rewarding to see someone come out of the other side knowing that things will get better. I’m always available to talk to my clients when they need me, and I work hard to support them when they need it most.

Out of the office, I enjoy cycling and photography, and I’m a Burnley FC supporter.

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James Shorrock will be one of the stars of his generation and is excellent value.
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Put the children first – when there are children involved, their welfare should be the first thing to consider when making decisions.

Be open and honest – hiding information will only result in higher costs and longer disputes.

Take legal advice as early on as possible to ensure your position is protected.

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How long will my divorce take?

If each step is taken promptly and financial arrangements don’t hold matters up, the divorce process usually takes between four and six months. Other arrangements in relation to finances and children may take longer to resolve.

What is financial disclosure?

Financial disclosure is the process of giving to your spouse or partner, and to the court, full details of your personal financial circumstances and your future needs and resources. It will usually be the first thing we’ll ask you to do, as we’ll be unable to advise you properly without having a full picture of your financial situation.

What is unreasonable behaviour in divorce?

Unreasonable behaviour is a common ground for divorce, and you must prove that your spouse has behaved in such a way that you can’t be expected to live with them. This covers a wide spectrum, from irritating habits to violence and anything in between.

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