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Working in regulatory law means recognising the competing needs for business to achieve economic growth and having an eye for compliance whether it’s staff safety, environmental or public protection. It’s also not just about work, but recgonising that we’re all human; building relationships so clients know they’re in the right hands is very important to me.

Acknowledged as a ‘leader in the field’ by Legal 500 directory, I have over 30 years’ experience advising and defending businesses on regulatory compliance matters, specialising in environment, health and safety, fire safety, food and more. I know how regulators think and work – my previous experience as an Environmental Health Officer and being retained by some enforcement agencies to prosecute businesses for breach makes me uniquely placed to give insightful advice.

Working with Directors and Senior Managers on matters such as incident investigations, due diligence systems and defences, as well as defending prosecutions, I offer expert and practical support to ensure that corporate compliance and corporate goals are in synergy. Having acted for the hospitality industry, food manufacturers, engineering companies, and housing management companies and assisting with evidence to the Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry, clients can rely on my breadth of expertise to reach the solutions they need.

Fairness and ensuring that everyone is treated the same is my passion. You can often find me helping younger members of family and their friends to obtain a service they’re entitled to and reminding them there are no daft questions – be bold and ask!

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Never ignore a letter or email from an enforcement officer - the issue won’t go away

Take advice early and don’t wait until the day of the PACE interview

Don’t forget, you have a right of appeal

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve had an inspection and I’ve been told to send some records. Do I have to provide these documents?

It depends; who is requesting the documents, what have they asked you to provide, and do you have these records? Each enforcement officer has different powers, so send me the list and let me check it for you.

Do I have to make these fire safety changes?

I need some further detail. Do you have a fire risk assessment? Who carried it out – you or a fire safety consultant? What does it say? Let’s review this information together.

I am a director of the business so, am I liable for the breach or is it the company?

It all depends on what has happened, what you have personally done and whether your involvement caused the incident. Let’s meet and talk about it further.

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