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Working within real estate dispute resolution provides a huge amount of variety – no two cases are the same and I enjoy the challenge of applying my expertise to new situations. Ultimately this approach allows me to find bespoke solutions which meet my clients’ needs.

Property-related disputes can be stressful and uncertain, so I work to ensure I provide personalised guidance throughout the process. To do this, I assess the risk profile of a client early in the process and consider the commercial background every step of the way while keeping them informed of progress at every opportunity.

I’ve worked for a range of clients including freeholders, leaseholders, landlords, tenants and businesses.

Outside work, I enjoy seeing friends, family and travelling to new places at the weekend.

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Be proactive – don’t wait until after the deadline of a letter to instruct solicitors. The earlier you involve us, the more options you should have to resolve the dispute in a way that works for you

Keep evaluating the possibility of negotiation. While it may not be your first instinct, a dispute can evolve over time, and evaluating the possibility of settlement is vital to ensure time and costs do not escalate beyond a comfortable level

Keep accurate and contemporaneous records to support your case.

My frequently asked questions

What is the likelihood of my case being successful?

‘Success’ is evaluated differently for each client. I can offer advice on the different options available and help evaluate the risk, cost and commercial goals to reach a successful outcome.

I want to sell my house, but there are tenants in it – what can I do to remove them?

There are multiple options to recover possession of your property, but there are also legal and procedural bars you should consider too. We can advise you on the legal process and likely costs of regaining possession of your property, which could involve going to court.

How much will this cost?

We’ll offer a fee estimate at the outset and keep you appraised of any changes throughout the process.

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