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I love working with people, and I love the fact that no two client scenarios are the same.  Those points, combined with the immense complexity of this area of the law, mean that being a private client lawyer is endlessly challenging and rewarding.

I am passionate about ensuring my clients get the help they need; in a way they understand and in a manner that best suits them. If this means taking a different approach with every client, then that is what I will do. My job is to make working with a solicitor as easy and stress free as possible for my clients.

I work for all sorts of individuals and families, from high net-worth individuals and owners of multi-million-pound businesses, to wealthy farmers, elderly and vulnerable clients, lottery winners, retired people, young couples and more or less everything in-between! My work helps ensure that individuals and families are protected for the future, advising on things such as wills, powers of attorney, trusts and tax planning.

I am a member of STEP the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

Outside of work, my greatest passions are food and music – which I guess comes from being the daughter of a chef and a music teacher!  Now I enjoy sharing both passions with my own children.

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The peace of mind you will get from taking good advice and getting your affairs in order is priceless. Don’t put it off, no matter how difficult it seems.

If you do not enjoy working with your solicitor, pick a different one.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is just as important as a will. But choose your attorneys wisely.

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Can I just make a Will myself?

You can, but it might be one of the most costly decisions you ever make. Both in financial terms for your estate, and in terms of the mess it can create for the loved ones you leave behind. Making a will with a reputable firm of solicitors, and keeping it up to date, is one of the best ways of protecting your assets and beneficiaries in the future.

Can I transfer my house to my children now to save tax and avoid care fees?

Lots of people are understandably keen to protect their homes. However, simply transferring the ownership of your house into somebody else’s name is very unlikely to achieve this aim. There are sensible steps you can take to help ensure that as much of your wealth as possible is protected for future generations and we can provide bespoke advice to clients with this concern.

Why do I need a power of attorney? I’m not old yet!

Lasting Powers of Attorney are not just for the elderly. They are completely invaluable in the event of a sudden unforeseen accident or illness, particularly for those who have assets in their sole name and for those who are running a business. Nobody knows what is around the corner and Lasting Powers of Attorney should be seen as a form of insurance. They are something I would recommend to all clients, regardless of age or health.

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