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I help older and vulnerable people through difficult and emotional times, managing the affairs of those who no longer have the capacity to make decisions for themselves.

Most of my clients don’t have close family members, so I’m usually the point of contact for all of their queries. I’m always available to speak to my clients and their carers, and I make sure that their wishes are considered and taken care of at all times.

I have a vast amount of experience in dealing with applications from the Court of Protection, and I’m an affiliate member of Solicitors for the Elderly, where I’m also on the Birmingham committee. I’m a full member of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners, and I’m passionate about protecting the vulnerable.

One-hour turnaround time for Private Client lawyer leads to testimonial

With a client in hospital, Lauren McGurk, Senior Associate in the Private Client team, had just an hours’ notice to assist her with getting her power of attorney in place. She travelled to Worcester Hospital to put the Lasting Power of Attorney in place and advised the family about their rights in regard to access to the sharing of medical information. Following Lauren’s intervention, the family sent her this testimonial: “I wanted to write and thank you for what you did today. I think you must have the patience of a saint! I am amazed, to be honest, that you managed to lead this task to a conclusion, I doubted the possibility of it for quite a while!”
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Financial abuse stopped following Senior Associate’s knowhow

Financial abuse can take place in a variety of ways. When a woman’s sisters were mismanaging her mother’s funds, she turned to Private Client Senior Associate Lauren McGurk for help. Lauren assisted her with making reports to the police, Office of the Public Guardian, the local authority and the Court of Protection with the aim of protecting her elderly, vulnerable mother. Lauren’s client said: “Thank you so much for your helpful advice and for the amazing kindness that you are showing towards me – for which I am so grateful for; thank you.”
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Testimonial after lasting Power of Attorney provides help with managing affairs

Being physically disabled led Mr E to contact Private Client Senior Associate Lauren McGurk for help with managing his affairs. Lauren met Mr E at his home and prepared his Lasting Powers of Attorney to allow his daughter to start acting as his attorney – meaning she could make decisions on his behalf. Lauren drafted the Lasting Power Attorney and explained to Mr E how it would help him. Following this, Mr E said “I am so happy with the way in which you handled matters right from the start. Life is so much easier for me now.”
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Twenty-four-hour turnaround leads to testimonial for Senior Associate

When a son and daughter-in-law required a very quick turnaround in order to get their parent’s affairs in order, they turned to Private Client Senior Associate Lauren McGurk for advice, support and assistance. While this work normally takes place over a three-to-five-week period, Lauren was asked do so in 24 hours. This involved meeting with the parents in a hospital and a respite care home respectively, meeting with the family and drawing up the six necessary documents and submitting them to the Office of the Public Guardian for registration. On completion of the tight turnaround, and submission of the documents, Lauren received the following testimonial: “Lauren, you are magnificent. I am so thankful and feel very blessed you are in our lives!”
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Private client solicitor’s “enthusiasm for her work” leads to testimonial from client

Mr K had a complex, high-value estate. When he decided to make a will, he turned to Private Client Senior Associate Lauren McGurk for guidance. Lauren drafted Mr K’s will, taking into account his second marriage and children from both his first and second marriages. Following the drafting of his will, Mr K said: “I was very impressed with Lauren’s enthusiasm for her work, her professionalism and knowledge of law. She also shows a pragmatism that belies her age. In short, she is a credit to HCR.”
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“Thank goodness for Lauren” – quick document-turnaround leads to client testimonial

When Mr C was in hospital with declining health, he turned to Senior Associate Lauren McGurk for help. Lauren helped him get his affairs in order including sorting his wills and powers of attorney while he still had capacity. Lauren drafted the documents within 24 hours and attended the hospital where her client was. Mr C said: “Lauren came to hospital to assist me with getting my will in place. Thank goodness for Lauren, she attended to me with fully drawn-up papers within 24 hours of my instruction, which I was so grateful for as my health was declining fast.”
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“I’d be lost without her” – management of finances leads to heart-warming client testimonial

When Mrs H, who was physically unwell and in her 90s, asked HCR to manage the financial affairs under a power of attorney, she turned to Senior Associate in the Private Client team Lauren McGurk. Lauren, supported by a team of Older and Vulnerable People specialist paralegals, took on the case and managed Mrs H’s finances in her best interests for six years until her death earlier this year. Before she died, Mrs H provided a heart-warming testimonial for Lauren. She said: “Lauren has been a great help over the years, I would be lost without her.”
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We say it a lot, but having a will is so important – you’ll feel much better knowing that everything is in place, and it will ensure everything goes to the right people.

Put Lasting Powers of Attorney in place while you still can – this will save a lot of hassle should the worst happen and ensure your wishes are carried out properly.

Circumstances can change, so make sure you review your will regularly and make sure it is up to date.

Read questions I'm frequently asked

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document that you sign, which authorises the people you choose to make decisions about your money, your home, or your health and welfare.

I have an Enduring Power of Attorney, is this still valid?

Any EPA, validly made before 1st October 2007, can still be used but only in respect of your property and financial affairs. If you wish to give authority over your health or welfare, you will need to make a health and welfare LPA.

What happens if I do not have a power of attorney in place and I lose capacity?

If you do not have an EPA or LPA, your money and property cannot be used to support you. The court must be asked to appoint a deputy, which can take more than six months –  longer if there is dispute in your family about who that person should be. Until the deputy is appointed, your assets are frozen, and cannot be used to support you.

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