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Planning ahead, and dealing with issues such as mental incapacity or death, is not easy and in my work I take the time to get to know my clients and their circumstances. That means that I can go beyond their instructions, offering them alternatives, encouraging them to think long-term about themselves and about their families too.

I want to make sure that they are really satisfied, both with our service but also with what we have helped them to establish for the future. I enjoy the variety of what I do, and solving problems for the people who I advise is very satisfying.

Outside work I enjoy live music and spending time with my family.

Want to know more?

Come and see me every few years – personal/financial circumstances change, the law changes, clients need to ensure their wills and powers of attorney reflect this.

If in doubt, ask.

Don’t put things off – death and mental incapacity are never easy topics but they need to be addressed and planned for.

Do I need to make a will/lasting power of attorney?

Yes, it’s not a question of age, capacity or what assets you have – if you want to have control over what happens to you and your assets, then you need a will and lasting power of attorney.

How do I avoid paying tax/care home fees?

With careful and considered planning tax and care home fees can be mitigated, but it’s not straight forward or the same solution for everyone.

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