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Planning for the future or navigating bereavement is not something we deal with every day; I offer clients a supportive hand to help them understand the next steps they should take when they need it. Whether that is being a guide through the process of creating a will, preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney, or administrating an estate after the loss of a loved one.

I work with all types of clients and tailor my approach to match what is important to each individual or couple, reacting to their wishes in an efficient and proactive manner.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and making the most of the independent restaurants Hereford has to offer.

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If you are a young family, then it is worth considering the appointment of Guardians before an initial meeting. You don’t have to have agreed anything to see me but it’s better if you have some idea before you come in so I can offer advice

Review your Will every 5 years or so, your circumstances, the law or taxation may well have changed so it’s a good idea to make sure it’s all still relevant and up to date.

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How do I reduce my inheritance tax bill?
With careful and well thought out planning, speaking to a qualified specialist early and getting advice that suits your circumstances.

How long does probate take?
Probate is a small part of the Estate Administration process. Obtaining a Grant of Probate can take around five months in itself at the moment but that is only the beginning of being able to access the estate funds. All in all, it is likely to be around a year before an estate can be distributed, although this does depend on the complexity of the estate.

Can executors and beneficiaries be the same people?
Yes, they can, if your estate is complex then you may want to consider appointing professional executors but there is no rule against executors and beneficiaries being the same person.

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