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As a partner and solicitor in our real estate team, much of my work revolves around commercial property law and I act for a variety of clients, ranging from private individuals, developers and lenders to property holding companies, farming businesses and pension trusts.

I’m very experienced in dealing with rural and agricultural land and buildings in particular and many of my clients are repeat customers. I’m proud of this, and I work hard to put myself in your shoes so I can get a better understanding of what you want. I’m sensible, so I’m not afraid to advise you on whether that deal is right, either. I thrive on tight deadlines and tricky problems that need to be overcome, and I’m part of a wider team of real estate lawyers who can pull together to get the transaction done.

My biggest passion is life itself. I love seeing people live for the moment – you only get one life, so don’t just let it pass you by. My spare time is spent doing as much as I possibly can with my family and friends.

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Talk me through your plans – that way, I can help you with your wider strategy.

To succeed, surround yourself with a great team, who understand your overall aims and objectives.

Don’t be afraid to challenge – thinking outside the box can throw up new ideas and solutions to get things done.

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Can you do this by.......?

There are risks involved with rushing a deal.  I’ll work through your plans to ensure you’re fully aware of everything, including any risks, and we can look at reasonable timescales.

Will it cost me much?

Our fees are always given to clients early on. We work hard to add value and to meet or exceed expectations wherever we can.

Have you come across this situation before?

Yes, often. The wider team and I have lots of combined experience, and I’ll share any similar situations we’ve come across with you.

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