Green Energy for Landowners

Our understanding of rural business means we are a valuable partner when you are exploring green energy opportunities for your business. We’ll help you navigate the complexities and maximise the returns

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My family have farmed in Cambridgeshire for over 100 years. Through this first hand experience,  I understand that farming is a way of life, not just a job. As such, I am ideally placed to help explain legal concepts in your terms and to consider what they mean for you and your business.

Gareth Williams


As a farmer’s son who grew up on a dairy farm in Herefordshire, agricultural and rural business law has always been a passion of mine. Specialising in this area allows me to remain working with and supporting an industry I know, and which is of fundamental importance.

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A powerful combination of renewable energy and rural expertise

We work with rural landowners wanting to benefit from the opportunities that renewable energy developments represent.

We bring years of experience working on energy schemes of all sizes, including multi party nationally significant Infrastructure projects (NSIPS). Our matters have involved:

  • Solar farms
  • Battery storage facilities
  • Wind farms
  • Energy cable rights and easements.
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We can support you every step of the way, including navigating approaches from renewable companies and negotiating the best deal with renewable developers.

Throughout, we’ll bring our invaluable understanding of the needs of rural businesses. We’ll ensure any renewable scheme works in the context of your existing business and farm, including advising on farm reorganisation and tenancy work if required.

We’re experienced in working alongside other advisors, including land agents and accountants to give you the tight-knit team of expert professionals you need on hand. When required, we can also bring on board advice from our Private Client team to ensure you maximise the financial benefits of any new energy venture on your land.

Hear what our clients say about us

The team is proactive, rather than reactive. Has a fantastic support network to accommodate any specialisms needed across the team, collaborating with difficult/complicated matters, meaning you are always getting the right, and best advice.

They provide seamless cover for any out of office requirements and their communication skills are exemplary, meaning you always know where you are with a transactions/job.

Legal 500 2024 Agriculture and Estates

HCR Hewitsons have been a longstanding partner of our organisation and supporting land acquisitions, disputes and projects of national significance for a number of years.

The firm are able to drill down to the necessary detail of a case quickly and effectively.

Legal 500 2024 Agriculture and Estates

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