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The variety and diversity of property litigations means that no two days are the same – I could be acting for a freeholder, an investor, a developer or a lessee in a dispute over commercial, residential or agricultural property.

In each case, I always aim to give practical and commercial advice – there is no point in offering clients a ‘grey’ answer which doesn’t help further their commercial objectives. My role is to balance risk, cost and commercial goals.

Outside work, I aim to visit two or three new places each year; I love travelling.

Legal 500 - Natalie Minott

Natalie Minott our solicitor always sought to understand what we trying to achieve and consequential we felt she really cared and looked after us through the not pleasant process of legal troubles She gave us confidence, dismissed problems that were not problems, dealt with problems that were, encouraged but also managed our expected outcomes. We felt we had been give true personal service.
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Chambers and Partners - Natalie Minott

She always takes the time to explain complex things in simple terms. If I had serious concerns about an issue then Natalie is one of the solicitors I would want in my corner.
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Disaster averted for charity after expert advice on lease

Keeping a clear focus on key issues enabled Natalie Minott to help the Milton Keynes Muslim Association to deal with a former occupier of an annex to its property who took them to court, making financial claims which would have bankrupted the charity. The Association allowed the annex to be occupied – heads of terms were agreed, but a lease was not finalised and signed. The occupier fell behind with rent after 18 months, and then wanted to sell his business to a third party and leave. Since there was no lease, that could not happen, and the Association asked for the property simply to be vacated. They decided not to pursue the rent arrears and the occupier left. But some months later, the Association was taken aback to be taken to court by the occupier who alleged that he had a lease on the property, that he had to vacate it and that he had therefore suffered losses based on a forecast of potential profits from his business. Natalie was called upon to help the Association and an initial court judgement went against them; their appeal against that judgement was successful, and that success continued as the business owner took every legal action open to him. Morad Hikal of the Association said: “Natalie was always adamant that we had a good case and that we should pursue it; we are a charity funded mainly by donations, and with five staff to consider, we have to be careful with our outgoings. The charity would have gone bankrupt if it had had to pay what was claimed. “Natalie kept us informed at all stages and explained her recommendations and options well, highlighting the process for a successful outcome. “She was excellent to work with and her professionalism left no room for any error as the outcome has shown. We are truly grateful for her leadership and absolute devotion to her work.”
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Know what you want to achieve – it might not always be possible, but it will ensure that we are all working towards to same goal.

Be commercial – litigation based on points of principle is expensive and all-consuming.

Be realistic about the amount of time you have; litigation is time-consuming and can often be a distraction from your day job.

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Why is the court process so slow?

Unfortunately, the courts are overworked and understaffed – this means litigation often takes months or years to reach a conclusion.

Why can’t I recover all my costs if I win?

The UK courts do not work on an indemnity basis; an award of that nature is rare and is subject to a high threshold. 60-70% of costs is a more usual costs recovery if you are successful.

Why should I make a ‘without prejudice’ offer; we have a strong case?

Making strategically-timed offers will offer costs protection ahead of atrial and can also add tactical pressure to achieve a settlement.

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