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Achieving the best possible outcome for clients and the people they care about is at the centre of what I do as a family lawyer. The decision to seek help and advice about the end of a relationship is often hard. I support my clients through what can be an uncertain time.

With over 35 years’ experience in the family law arena, I have a range of specialisms from financial settlements on divorce – the simple to the very complicated – and expertise in children’s disputes, including acting for children within proceedings.

I am also accredited with Resolution, a community of family justice professionals, and am a member of the Law Society’s children panel.

Outside work, I have four grown up children, geographically spread, whose company I enjoy immensely. I’m also a passionate gardener – I’m currently trying to reclaim a garden that has been left to its own devices for far too long.

“Always patient and kind” – understanding from Family Law Partner leads to testimonial

Mrs M faced complicated divorce proceedings, so she turned to Family Law Partner Nick Rodriguez for advice, understanding and support. The assets in the case were substantial, including a limited company that owned a portfolio of properties. The parties were shareholders and directors. The instruction of a chartered accountant was necessary along with an accountant to give advice on the tax implications of the case. This enabled both parties to agree what assets were available for sharing. Nick explained the process to Mrs M and ensured that she was kept up to date throughout. Although the case went to court, a settlement was ultimately reached along the way, so avoiding a final contested hearing. The case was complicated because, whilst a reasonably lengthy marriage, it was a second marriage -  much of the wealth, it had been argued, was accrued prior to the relationship and so non-matrimonial and not capable of sharing. When the case concluded, a fair settlement was reached, leading Mrs M to provide this testimonial: “Nick was always approachable and professional throughout my financially complicated divorce, and I achieved a very fair settlement. Whenever I needed to speak to him or email him, he was never too busy to respond and was always patient and kind towards me during what proved to be an enormously difficult process.”
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Top Tips & FAQs

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Be reasonable and fair - seeking an equitable solution will be quicker, easier and much less painful, giving you more time to get on with your life

Be open-minded – try to remember the good times and focus on your new future. This is especially important where children are involved. A positive mindset will help us develop better long-term solutions

Take time out – it’s easy to let relationship breakdown overwhelm you. Take time out to do whatever makes you happy – it will help you keep a sense of proportion.

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Will I win?

There should be no winners or losers – you should be seeking a fair and equitable settlement

Will I have to sell my house?

That depends upon other assets available, but it often is the case that changes have to be made.

Will I get to see my children?

Yes, you will.

Can I use the children to get the settlement I want?

No – these are very separate issues and it is important for children to have a meaningful relationship with both parents.

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