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My work brings together strategic advisory work and the resolution of disputes, because employment law is both pro-active and reactive and is constantly people-focused. It requires a combination of sensitivity and pragmatism, as well as a real commercial awareness of clients’ goals and needs; I always bear their business needs in mind when advising clients because that way I can be sure that my advice fits into their wider context.

Whether my client is an international company or a sports club, I want to learn as much about them as I can, and I aim always to keep in touch with their development so that, when they come to me for advice, I can advise appropriately and protect them and their business.

Outside work, I enjoy football, travelling and skiing as well as keeping up with family and friends.

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Be open about your aims and objectives - the legal advice you receive must always be tailored to the commercial imperatives.

There is no such thing as a silly question - so always ask if in doubt or unsure.

Stay in touch with us even when you do not need any specific advice requirement - it enables us to get to know you and your business.

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Can we do this? -"this" being any one of a range of proposed actions in relation to an employee

The answer is almost invariably "yes"; however, whether you should or not, will depend on a full appreciation of commercial aims and situations, so knowing about you and your business will help me craft a suitable response.

Can we call you out of normal office hours?

Yes - I am always happy to make myself available (within reason!) to accommodate clients.

Do you know anyone that can help with [insert other legal practice area]?

Yes, because I work closely with colleagues in other teams, I will always be able to pass you to other dedicated lawyers to deal with issues that fall outside my own practice area.

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