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Legal issues are one part of a client’s professional and personal life. As an employment lawyer, it is important to appreciate the often-emotive nature of this area of law and take the time to understand not just clients’ objectives, but how the person or organisations wider values may impact upon their preferred solutions.

Employment law is often sensitive to political and social shifts; its fast-paced nature, combined with the variety of work that requires a balance of legal and practical solutions to often complex cases, is what makes being an employment lawyer so worthwhile. I have experience of advising a range of individuals and organisations in the private and not-for-profit sector on matters such as unfair dismissal, discrimination law and whistleblowing.

Outside work, I enjoy sports of all kinds, especially tennis and golf.

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My employer has treated me unfairly, can they do this?
It depends; what is unfair, or what might seem unfair, is not always unlawful. It’s important to speak to an employment lawyer and collate all relevant documents to help them advise you on your rights.

An employee has resigned, can they still claim for unfair dismissal?
There is the possibility that an employee can make a claim of constructive dismissal. The employee will need to show their employment contract has been breached in a serious way and that they have resigned in response to such breach.

How long does an employment tribunal claim take to conclude?
Though it depends on the type of claim, it may take 12 months from start to finish. Due to Covid-19 and associated changes the time between starting a claim and receiving a decision from the Tribunal may be even longer than 12 months.

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