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Working as a lawyer within the education and charities sector has always been extremely rewarding and exciting. It’s fantastic to work with clients who are so passionate about the sector, and I enjoy seeing their work in practice when I get the opportunity to do so.

I develop strong, professional and long-standing relationships with my clients, ensuring that I listen and provide a clear explanation of the legal issues they’re facing while remaining strategic and practical.

My specialisms include incorporations, constitutional matters and governance advice, as well as advising on various charity law issues.

Outside work, my passions include staying active through swimming regularly and exploring new places. Like a lot of people, I took up baking during lockdown and continue to enjoy baking creatively. I also enjoy spending time visiting my family in Cornwall.

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Regularly review the governance structures of your body of trustees and check that your body has the wide range of skills and experience necessary to function well.

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If in any doubt, please do just ask us!

My frequently asked questions

Can you support us in respect of updating our governing document to ensure that it is fit for purpose and up to date?

We advise on this frequently, so please do get in touch and we’ll be very pleased to assist.

How can we ensure that our body of trustees is up to date with the law in respect of their legal duties?

We offer trustee training to our clients, delivered either virtually or in person, which will ensure your body of trustees has good governance.

How can we keep up to date with all the legal changes in the sector?

We’d recommend that you sign up to our bi-monthly charities briefing newsletter so that you can keep up to date with all the latest sector news and developments.

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