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I work with a broad range of clients to help tackle HR-related employment issues. These can range from day-to-day management of employees to more complex issues such as dismissal. I’m part of a team who are in the unique position of being an HR consultancy located within a team of employment lawyers. That means we have expert employment knowledge readily available when it’s required most, no matter how complex the issue.

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Don’t be afraid to ask – no question is a silly question

Deal with issues as soon as they arise. The quicker you manage them, the easier they will be to deal with

Document all discussions and conversations – it always helps to make a note

My frequently asked questions

Can I dismiss someone without following a process?

For employees who have less than two years’ continuous service there is no requirement to follow a fair process and therefore, as long as they do not have any protected characteristics, this can be fairly straightforward. Employees who have more than two years’ service are able to claim unfair dismissal and therefore a fair process should be followed.

Can I contact my employees when they are off sick?

Yes, you can contact your employees whilst they are off sick and should keep in touch with them during their absence. However, you should be mindful of the reason for their absence e.g. if they are off sick due to work related health issues such as stress, this should be handled sensitively.

Do I have to update all my contracts when there is a legislative change?

When there is a change in employment legislation which effects the contract of employment e.g. The Good Work Plan 2020, all contracts issued after the date this change comes into force should be up to date in line with it. However, all contracts already in place do not need to be updated.

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