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I enjoy the transactional work that’s involved in agricultural legal matters, principally the purchase and sale of land and property. Clients can trust that I’ll always consider their specific needs and I’ll ensure that property being bought, sold or refinanced is done so on the most beneficial terms for the client personally and/or for their ongoing business needs.

I work with private landowners, landed estates, farming partnerships and private individuals, principally in the purchase, sale and mortgaging of agricultural land and property. I also specialise in legal drafting and legal research, and pride myself on simple, straightforward communication.

Outside of work I am a keen reader with a passion for history and historical sites whilst also having a passion for sport; principally football and rugby.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Consider your key objectives at the outset of a matter.

Compromise in a transaction can be a route to a better outcome.

Collaboration with your solicitor, accountant and land agent leads to an efficient business.

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