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Property law is very tangible and I enjoy the fact I can see the properties I’m working on, whether they’re an existing building or a brand-new site in development. It really makes the transaction come to life.

I have significant and wide-ranging experience in commercial property, and I draw on this expertise for every transaction. My clients range from landowners looking to sell land for development too those looking to buy, sell or let offices, shops and community buildings, such as GP partnerships for example. I also work with commercial landlords, and for tenants looking to take leases on existing buildings or those in construction.

I’m committed to getting the best deal I can for every client, and within the timescale you want, wherever possible. I’m very thorough, with great attention to detail and I’ll keep you fully informed throughout. I’ll meet you on-site if I can, which helps me to step into your shoes and get a better understanding of any concerns you may have.

In my spare time, I enjoy being with my family, horse riding and other types of sport, and cake decorating.

Real Estate - Suzy Vercoe

Suzy Vercoe helped us draw up a complicated land promotion contract involving multiple family members and multiple parcels of land. Her attention to detail really made the difference, and enabled us to exchange contracts before the deadline. A pleasure to work with. Ian Woodward-Court   Planview Planning, Director
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Preparation is key – if the terms of the transaction are clearly agreed at the start, it will speed up the process and even save on legal fees.

If possible, ensure you are in direct contact with the other party. It’s much easier to talk through concerns in person than over email.

Where appropriate, take early tax advice when negotiating the terms of the deal. Structured correctly, this can be very cost-effective.

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Everyone’s different – it’s about weighing up the pros and cons and making sure that whatever the outcome, you’re happy with the decision you made. Let’s talk through the issue in more detail.

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