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Tabatha Quinney

Legal Advisor (GCILEx) Family Law

About me

When someone comes to see me, they’re usually going through what can seem like their darkest hour. My job is to make sure that when they leave the office for the last time with a smile, ready to move on with their lives.

I’ve been working in family law for over 19 years, and specialise in helping people through divorces and disputes. My client base covers a wide range of people, including high net worth individuals and those in the public eye, but no matter who I’m working with, I bring a thoughtful, positive outlook to the proceedings.

Outside of work, my passion is my family and I’m a busy working mother of two. At the weekends, I’m usually cheering them on from the side of a busy hall or pitch, whether they’re trampolining, cheerleading or playing football.

Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Have trust in us and be patient – things rarely move to the timeframe you want.

Giving us clear and concise instructions at the start is absolutely crucial and will ensure we understand exactly what you want and need.

Having all your documentation in order, and providing full disclosure of your financial situation, is really helpful and will enable us to move your case forward quicker.

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How long will it take?

It depends on the case, but as a general rule, most court proceedings take a minimum of 4–6 months to resolve. If it’s highly contentious and has to progress to a final hearing, the average is 6–12 months.

How much it will cost?

This depends on the process and nature of your dispute, but we take great care to estimate costs and work out a plan to make sure you’re in financial control of your case.

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