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Tahlia Woollatt

Partner, Real Estate Disputes Dispute Resolution

About me

I have always had a keen interest in land and property as it’s a tangible asset with real value and I love being a litigator where logical thinking, a clear strategy and the art of negotiation are key.  The law relating to  property is  often complex and is ever-changing – which means it’s always interesting. As a lawyer who has specialised in property disputes for over 18 years, I enjoy using my specialist knowledge to help my clients make informed choices about their most important assets.

I give my clients honest, commercial and pragmatic advice designed to help them make the best decisions and achieve their commercial or strategic objectives. Whilst litigation is not for the faint hearted and should only be undertaken on an informed basis, I’m never afraid to adopt a robust approach if that’s what is required and will always fight my client’s corner.

I act for landlords, occupiers, developers and landowners along with corporate clients and owner-managed businesses and individuals. I advise across a range of areas including commercial landlord and tenant matters, disputes concerning property rights or restrictions, development matters and negligence claims.

Outside of work, my passions include travelling, snowboarding, good food, good books and my family.

“Adept, well-connected and an excellent communicator”: client testimonial during significant litigation

Thames Valley Dispute Resolution Partner Tahlia Woollatt’s client turned to her recently when they required guidance and advice as they entered a claim in the Technology and Construction court. The client said: “Tahlia is acting for us in relation to a £7 million claim. She is guiding us through the litigation process brilliantly and is adept, well-connected and an excellent communicator. “The claim is technically complex, and Tahlia's immense knowledge and experience makes navigating the difficult landscape of litigation much easier. She has been great at helping us navigate some significant challenges that have arisen, is organised and keeps a keen eye on costs.”
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"Excellent legal services" prompt client testimonial

“From our first telephone call, Tahlia was very professional and helpful, giving us sound legal advice. Throughout the process, Tahlia was not only proactive, efficient and precise but she patiently took the time to explain in plain English the reasoning of the process. All in all, she provided us with excellent legal services and I would thoroughly recommend her.”
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Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Seek advice early – it will usually save costs and time later on. Obtaining advice as soon as a potential dispute occurs can often prevent things escalating.

Keep notes, paperwork, documents and a timeline of events. Memories of events over time are often not reliable and documentary evidence can be key.

Be clear about what it is you want to achieve. Get clear advice at the outset of a matter about whether your goals are achievable – and the likely costs involved– so you can make an informed decision as to whether to invest the time, energy and resources into pursuing that objective.

My frequently asked questions

Do I have a good case?

I will always try to be as clear with clients as possible at the outset of the matter about the prospects of success. My specialist knowledge and years of experience help me to form a view of a case’s merits.

Why would you suggest trying to settle my claim if you think I have a good case?

Litigation is unpredictable, takes time and effort and can incur significant costs – some of which will be unrecoverable. The best commercial outcome is sometimes achieved by adopting alternative strategies. Taking steps to settle – such as making a well-placed offer – can therefore be the best strategic approach and can also provide costs protection.

Why is it not possible to give definitive cost estimates at the outset of a matter?

Litigation is not straightforward and clients will need to be responsive to how events unfold and the position taken by the other side. While initial estimates can be given based on experience, they will need to be continually re-evaluated and discussed throughout the matter so that a cost/benefit analysis can be regularly undertaken by clients.

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