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Writing a will, or dealing with an estate, can be a hard thing for people to deal with – I endeavour to take the stress away and make things as easy as I can for my clients, all while providing them with the right options to make sure their wishes are taken care of.

I deal with all types of people, from elderly couples looking to pass on their favourite crockery when they pass to business owners who are hoping to leave a legacy for future generations. Whether you have a small estate with no inheritance tax to pay, or an estate worth millions, I can help you to protect your assets and make sure the right people benefit.

Out of the office, I’m a big music fan – especially rock music – and I’m a keen follower of American football. I’m also a proud Rotarian and sit on the International committee of the Cheltenham Sunrise Rotary Club.

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Keep records of all your assets – the more details you have, the easier it will be to administer your estate.

Review your will every few years, as you’d be surprised at how quickly your circumstances can change.

If you’re not sure what certain provisions in a will mean, check with your adviser as soon as possible.

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How long will probate take?

A Grant of Probate can commonly be obtained in six to eight weeks and the administration of the estate may take 12 to 18 months to complete, although this depends on the size of the estate, the nature of the assets and if there’s any tax to pay.

Can I include a particular complicated provision in my will?

You can, but it might have unintended consequences for your beneficiaries, so it’s always best to talk it through with your solicitor to see how best to include it.

Can I set up a trust and still benefit from it?

You can, but there are tax consequences to consider – before you make any decisions, have a chat with me so we can see what will work best for you.

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