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Real estate law offers the opportunity to interact with an array of clients, from private individuals to lenders and banks. I enjoy the fast-paced nature of my work, with tight deadlines for various types of transactions.

I look to solve problems, so take the time to understand clients’ needs so that their needs can be met in as smoothly and with as little stress as possible. My commercial approach means that costs are kept to a minimum and that clients are kept up to date as their matter progresses.

Outside work, I enjoy watching and playing all kinds of sport, and travelling – from west Wales to New Zealand, where I spent nine months working on various farms.

Real estate expertise and “excellence throughout” leads to high praise

Ben and Jessica McGawley turned to real estate solicitor William Hart when they needed help with leasing a commercial property. William’s expertise in real estate meant he was able to assist quickly and efficiently. Mr McGawley said: “Thanks for all your great work, William. The speed of response, your help in explaining all the elements I did not understand and your advice have all been excellent throughout. “We definitely would not have been able to get everything wrapped up in the time we did without your support.”
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Top Tips & FAQs

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Ensure that the ‘heads of terms’ are agreed in detail, as this will make sure that the deal works for you and will avoid protracted negotiations further down the line.

Agree a reasonable timescale; the sooner we get started on a transaction, the sooner we will be able to complete it.

Talk us through your objective, concerns and key issues at the start, so we can understand the bigger picture.

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How long will the deal take from start to finish?

It depends on numerous factors – the quality of instructions received, the solicitors being used by the other party, etc. I’ll try to give you an accurate timeframe at the outset of the deal and will keep you updated throughout the transaction.

Will it cost me much?

I will always provide my clients with a fee estimate early on. I will always honour the fee estimate provided unless the deal materially changes from what was agreed at the outset.

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