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Employment law is all about problem solving – it’s a constantly evolving area, with each case bringing new challenges. My work involves identifying solutions for businesses and employees when employment issues arise. In order to do this I work with my clients to really understand their needs – with commercial clients I make sure to understand how their business operates and how my advice could affect them practically.

I’ve worked with a range of individual employees along with small and large companies. My specialisms include employment tribunal claims, representing both employees and companies, settlement agreements and giving advice regarding redundancy.

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Seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity. Any delay could result in more problems that you had anticipated, and result in additional costs being incurred.

Businesses should make sure they have policies and procedures in place in respect of various matters, for example, a sickness absence policy. It is best to keep all policies together in a staff handbook so that they are easily accessible for staff.

Businesses should follow their policies and procedures and keep records of all communications, including notes from any meetings.

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How much is this likely to cost?
Every case is different, so costs can vary. However, we will always provide you with an idea of costs at the outset and keep you updated throughout the process.

Can I just dismiss my employee?
Potentially, if the employee has less than two years’ service. That said, it is always best to go through a formal consultation and redundancy process if you are considering dismissal.

How long will the process take?
Again, every case is different – but we will provide you with estimated timescales at the outset.

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