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26 February 2021

Webinar: The Covid-19 vaccine – what can employers do?

The roll out of the Covid-19 vaccination was a much-anticipated milestone in the fight against Covid-19. Employers are keen to encourage their employees to have it but how far can they go? In this webinar, we address some of the issues and concerns surrounding the roll out of the vaccine and how employers and employees can overcome these.

This webinar is 56 minutes and 9 seconds and includes presentations from:

  • Andrea Thomas who explores what employers can do to encourage staff to have the vaccine, at 02:03
  • Chris Mayers who provides an overview of the potential risks and claims employers face from forcing staff to have the vaccine, at 14:23
  • Ruth Sheret who explains the health and safety duties for employers concerning their employees and the vaccine, at 24:02
  • Q&A starts at 35:04

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Chris Mayers, Partner, Head of Employment in Wales

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