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Q&A for In-House Lawyers: Are your insurance policies fit for purpose?

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Insurance is key to any business. As in-house lawyers, you will often be involved in reviewing, arranging and maintaining your business' insurance cover. Navigating insurance policies can be a daunting task, leaving you with many questions.

Helping in-house teams to avoid the common pitfalls and mitigate risk, particularly insurance risk, is the focus of this month's Q&A.

Jonathan Edwards and Rhiannon Willimont of our Insurance and Risk team regularly undertake in-depth policy reviews for companies and organisations to advise on the appropriateness of cover. In this session, hear their specialist insight and advice on what to look out for when considering your insurance protections, including:

  • Identifying the key risks to your business
  • Key policy terms – what they mean and how they work
  • Recognising policy exclusions
  • Deciding appropriate policy limits.
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