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Q&A for In-House Lawyers: Overcoming Skills Shortages in UK Businesses

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Are you facing challenges due to skills shortages within your organisation? Recent data reveals that a staggering 68% of SMEs and 86% of large organisations are grappling with this issue. The impact of recent macro events has only exacerbated the situation across all sectors.

Discover how In-House Lawyers can play a pivotal role in helping businesses tackle the recruitment and retention hurdles they face. Join us for an engaging Q&A session where we delve into the skills issues affecting clients and provide valuable insights and actionable advice on potential solutions.

During this interactive Zoom event, Rebecca Kirk and Lynne Adams of our Employment and Immigration team will address a range of topics, including:

  • Tips for creating a compelling employment proposition to attract and keep top talent
  • Strategies for upskilling existing employees instead of solely relying on recruitment
  • Exploring business immigration solutions to address skills gaps
  • Insights on becoming a licensed sponsor for overseas talent
  • Alternative visa routes beyond sponsorship.
View video recording