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Charity’s employment issues solved thanks to “expert advice” from Employment Partner

29th February 2024

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When the Trustees of a charity faced difficult interlinked employment issues, they turned to Employment Partner Elizabeth Swinburn for help.

Following successful conclusion of the matters, the Trustees provided this testimonial for Elizabeth:

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Liz Swinburn. As a small charity with only a small number of staff and run by a group of enthusiastic but very busy volunteer Trustees, we found ourselves with some significant interlinked workforce issues with three of our staff.

“We consulted Liz for expert advice and practical help in dealing with a difficult situation including two potential employment tribunal claims. We expected expert knowledge from Liz which did not disappoint, but what we also got was someone who listened to our story, asked pertinent questions, and made sure that she therefore gained a full understanding of our situation.

“Only once Liz had understood the whole picture did she feel able to offer the best legal advice possible. Fortunately, it did not stop simply at legal advice but also pragmatic commercial advice as to what was possible within the law and what was best for our organisation.

“We found this the most helpful part of our interaction with Liz. We were able to fully understand the complex legal framework and feedback to our fellow Trustees when we had to make decisions on the best route to follow. All of this was conducted with the minimum of fuss and in a timely manner including dealing with ACAS.

For us that meant that, even though claims were submitted against us, we always felt in full control of the process and able to dictate terms. The conclusion of the issues was very satisfactory and protected the charity from any major pay-outs or litigation. Liz is great to work with, has expert knowledge and great empathy with us as clients. It was almost a pity to conclude the cases since it was so refreshing to work with Liz and refresh our knowledge of employment law.

We would thoroughly recommend Liz to anyone seeking advice on employment matters.”

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