Client Story

Complex finances on divorce case brought to conclusion by Family Law Partner

22nd September 2023

Mrs H required assistance with a divorce and financial matter following separation from her husband. The matter was complex as there were a number of different assets in different jurisdictions and her husband was not forthcoming in his disclosure. At this point, Mrs H contacted James Osborne, Family Law Partner, for guidance, understanding and advice.

James took on the case and the divorce proceeded without issue. However, the financial matter took some time to resolve to ensure the client received the fair outcome she deserved. James and the Family Law team took the matter to court and were able to settle the finances with judicial guidance at a financial dispute resolution (FDR) hearing.

The result put the client in a position where she would be financially secure and able to live the rest of her life comfortably. She received her fair share of the assets together with a sizeable pension sharing order.

While it had been an emotional journey for Mrs H, James’ advice and expertise, along with his constant communication put her at ease – despite manipulation applied by her husband throughout to accept terms of settlement that were patently unfair.

Following the case, Mrs H said of James: “You have been absolutely fantastic and supportive, you have made the whole process bearable. I was so lucky to have you on my side. I don’t know what I would have done without your legendary regular pep talks! You saved the day several times and helped me come through the divorce unscathed – and, of course, in the end a great result!”

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