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Every day, I help to change people’s lives. When someone walks through my door, scared and worried about their future following a divorce or separation, I do everything possible to help them leave a different person with a new start ahead of them.

I appreciate that every client has different needs – whether you need a lot of emotional support throughout or require a firmer and more robust approach, I’ll work in the way that suits you best. There’s no case too big or too small, and however complicated your situation, I’ll see you through and get a fair result.

In my spare time, I’m a keen sportsman – I’m desperately trying to reduce my golf handicap, I watch Man United play any time I can, and I enjoy playing badminton.

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Legal 500 - James Osborne

James Osborne is a dedicated and tenacious solicitor who gives his all for each of his clients. Without exception, he builds a good rapport and close working relationship with clients which means they feel valued, involved and supported every step of the way in their cases. It is no coincidence that recommendations to use James in the local area have spread like wildfire in recent years.
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“You saved the day several times!” – high praise for family law solicitors

James and Cathryn regularly act for clients within financial proceedings. They recently assisted a client within contested court proceedings and achieved an excellent outcome for the client at a Financial Dispute Resolution hearing. They received the following comments upon conclusion of the case. “You have been absolutely fantastic and supportive, you have all made the whole process bearable.  I was so lucky to have you on my side. I don’t know what I would have done without your legendary regular pep talks! You saved the day several times and helped me come through the divorce unscathed.  And of course in the end a great result!”
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‘Heartfelt thank you’ for expertise and advise on divorce

Going through divorce is often upsetting and difficult; not having the right legal guidance can add further stress. James Osborne and Kim Allsopp assisted a client with a tough divorce and thanks to the team’s expertise, a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Grateful for James’ guidance, the client said: “Phew! Finally, a moment to write to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for all your work and advice throughout my ghastly divorce. I so much appreciated your expertise and guidance through the swamp of our current divorce laws!” The client also thanked Kim for her support: “I’m gradually getting back to normal and it’s wonderful! So, a quick note to thank you for all your help, support and expertise throughout my long divorce process. You were so much appreciated.”
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Support for issues involving children and money in divorce

Help for a client dealing with a complex divorce, including issues relating to children and financial matters from expert family lawyer James Osborne brought thanks for his guidance at a difficult time. The client said: “Thank you so much for your help with everything, I definitely couldn’t have got through this year without your support.”
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Support through difficult divorce

Family lawyer James Osborne recently helped a client with divorce and financial matters, often a very stressful and difficult process. Feeling supported with knowledge, expertise and understanding can help make the process much easier to deal with. After the outcome, the client said: “I just want to say a huge thank you to you and your team once again for the last two years. You’ve all been great in helping me through possibly the worst time of my life, but without you guys, it could have been much worse. And to finish it all with a great result is even better!”
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Safeguarding child contact after relationship breakdown

For many parents whose leaving a relation, contact with their children is their first priority, and James Osborne was able to help one such parent refine that contact with ground rules for the future in what was a long and difficult case. The parent said: “A huge thank you for all you have done for me. We finally have what we have always wanted - for overnight contact to be when and if she [the child] is ready. “It has been a really difficult journey getting to this point and I've really appreciated your continued dedication, professionalism and support.”
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Reassuring expertise in difficult times

An understanding and expert approach from James Osborne helped a client through a heavily contested and difficult divorce and Financial Remedy proceedings. James was able to help to secure a favourable settlement and the client said: “Apart from being amazing at your job, you are also so calm, understanding and reassuring.”
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Help and support through difficult divorce

With James Osborne’s help, a client was able to develop the strength they needed to complete a difficult and emotional divorce and resolve all the related financial matters. Afterwards, they said: “I would like to send my heartfelt thanks for the sensitive way in which you have handled my case.” They also commended James for the approach he took to their personal circumstances, and the way in which he adapted all the communications between them to suit their needs, saying: “You have really understood me as a person.”
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Come and see me at the earliest opportunity – if you leave it too late, then we may just be looking at damage limitation, rather than getting you a fair settlement.

Divorce and separation isn’t easy. You’ll need emotional stamina throughout, but I will do everything in my power to ensure the process is as swift and easy as possible.

Be honest with me – you can trust me implicitly, and it makes life very difficult if you don’t provide an honest version of events.

Always document your intentions when you start living with your partner. Verbal agreements are insufficient.

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How much will it cost?

The firm can now offer a fixed fee for a divorce, but the cost for financial and children matters will depend on how complex the case is. I’ll always do what I can to keep costs to a minimum.

Can I get custody of my children?

Custody has not existed for some time. The court now refers to ‘child arrangements’ – these define which parent a child should spend time with and which parent a child will live with.

Should I move money out of my bank account before I get divorced?

No. Courts can examine your recent transactions, and may ask that you add the money back in.

How long will it take me to get divorced?

A straightforward, uncontested divorce usually takes around four to six months to be finalised.

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