Divorce: can you share the same lawyer?

19th June 2023

It can be easy to get lost in small details which become blown out of proportion, and this can make it all the more difficult to reach an agreeable solution.

However, many separating couples are emotionally ready to transition to the next chapter and want to work together to reach a resolution – especially when children are involved. That is why we have developed Unified in Separation (‘US’), a tailored legal service that fosters cooperation, respect and transparency throughout the process.

US is based on the ‘one couple, one lawyer’ framework created by Resolution – a community of family law professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues constructively.

Our experienced Family Law team can provide you with a single lawyer to manage your separation together and achieve shared objectives without the associated costs, avoiding the distress and upset associated with court proceedings and keeping you in control of the whole process. The team support you to reach a conclusion which meets both your needs, enabling you to emerge from the process with a settlement you can both live with. If you’re parents, we ensure we meet the needs of your children, too.

Protecting both your interests

Our goal is to help you reach a mutually agreeable settlement with your partner which offers peace of mind while protecting both your interests. If your case meets the criteria of our assessment – to ensure no imbalance of power – you will receive advice on a joint-beneficial basis to reach an agreement on one or all aspects of your separation.

Giving informed consent to disclose to each other all appropriate factual and financial information, if relevant, is essential as this will enable you to reach a joint decision. If you have any concerns about the other or aren’t willing to negotiate, this service is not right for you.

As part of the service, your lawyer will provide specific, tailored legal advice and, if necessary, suggest additional expert input for you both as part of the team advising you.

If separation is inevitable, having an expert lawyer by your side who can provide guidance, advice – and, most importantly, understanding – is essential for a smooth process. If you’re ready to make the next step an amicable one, we’ll be with you both throughout.

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