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Unified in Separation

A collaborative approach to divorce or separation requires trusted legal guidance and transparency. Our experienced Family Law team can provide you with a single lawyer to manage your separation together and achieve your shared objectives, without the conflict and associated costs. We can support you to reach a conclusion that meets your needs and for parents, the needs of your children.

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Equal support to reach an agreeable solution

Unified in Separation ‘US’ is a tailored legal service that fosters cooperation, respect and transparency throughout the process. We understand the emotional pressures and complexities of divorce; that’s why our goal is to help you achieve a mutually agreeable settlement that offers peace of mind and protects both your interests.

Couples using ‘US’ will receive advice on a joint beneficial basis to reach an agreement on one or all aspects of your separation, without the expense and added pressure of going to court.

How can we help you?

How does ‘US’ work?

Our team of expert family lawyers will carry out a full assessment of your situation to ensure that your interests are aligned, and that you meet the criteria applicable to this type of service.

For us to act for you both, you need to be on the same page and in the right frame of mind. It is imperative that you both give informed consent to disclose to each other all appropriate factual and financial information, if relevant, to enable you to reach a joint decision. If either of you have any concerns about the other or are not prepared to negotiate, this is not the right service for you.

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