Global business formed thanks to deal brokered by HCR corporate team

2nd December 2022

Low-code app developers Procensol have been brought together with the world’s largest hyperautomation professional services company Roboyo thanks to a deal brokered by HCR’s Tim Ward and Mark Edwards.

The deal brings together the two businesses with a combined 600 employees across 15 countries  – forming a truly global hyperautomation business. Hyperautomation allows businesses to rapidly identify, check and automate as many IT and business processes as possible.

Nicolas Hess, co-founder and CEO of Roboyo said: “Procensol have built an enviable reputation for low-code application development, and we see this being a crucial part of the hyperautomation agenda. We look forward to combining our complementary skills and expertise to create next level impact for clients. From performance and efficiency gains to digital transformation and optimization, this is an incredibly exciting leap forward for us all.”

Tim Ward, Head of Corporate in Cheltenham, said: “These two companies’ goals are clearly aligned – it makes sense for them to become one. It’s been a pleasure for us to bring them together and play a part in forming a global business.”

Augusto Negrillo, managing director at Vivero, who worked with HCR on the deal, said: “My heartfelt thanks to Tim and Mark for making the deal run so smoothly. They are experts in their field and this was shown time and time again throughout the process. It was a pleasure to work with HCR on this, and I’m sure we’ll work together on future deals.”