HCR releases latest Future Workspaces insights report on tackling the changing employment landscape

27th September 2023

Employment in 2023 – it’s complex, it’s different, and it calls for a new approach.

Over the past five years, we have all seen irrevocable changes to the employment landscape. Brexit, Gen Z’s entry into the workplace, COVID-19, and the cost-of-living crisis have all had their part to play. And whilst some trends have come and gone, and some challenges left behind more impacts than others, many of the changes are here to stay, for you and your employees to navigate together.

In our latest update to the Future Workspaces programme, we tackle the employment landscape’s big changes, what they mean for you and your staff, and how you can find solutions that work for all. From speaking to clients, we’ve identified 20 core challenges which are being experienced by businesses at different stages of their journey:

  • Resistance: Navigating pushback, culture shift, and new ways of working
  • Adaptation: Redefining what your workspace and workforce looks like post-pandemic – think: quiet quitting, 4-day weeks and millennials
  • Growth: Leveraging change to the advantage of your company’s future

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What is the Future Workspaces programme?

Future Workspaces is our ongoing mission to help UK employers face the new workplace frontier. What started as an exploration of tomorrow’s office, then became a guide for the post-pandemic world, is now a practical guide for the future of work.