HCR support Ascent’s acquisition of data science experts

25th November 2020

Expertise from HCR’s corporate team in Cheltenham has supported technology services provider Ascent in their acquisition of Wiltshire-based data science consulting specialist Mango Solutions.

The deal means that the Ascent group brings on board 65 more employees and another £5m in annual revenues. The combined business will employ more than 340 people.

Rachael Reeves and Louisa Leach acted for Ascent; Rachael said: “We are delighted to be able to help Ascent grow in this way and look forward to working with the larger firm.”

Before the deal, the two companies worked together closely and Rich Pugh, chief data scientist at Mango Solutions, will continue in this role at Ascent.

He said: “The most exciting thing about joining Ascent is that we will see our vision and expertise become accessible to so many more businesses so much sooner. What was once the domain of only the largest enterprises is now accessible to the mid and upper-mid market – at a time when demand for insight and intelligence is surging.”

Ascent is backed by private equity house Horizon Capital and led by chief executive Stewart Smythe. He said: “We’ve enjoyed a proven working relationship with Mango Solutions for some time now, and are so confident in the quality of their work and their people that we decided to make the partnership permanent.”

Simon Hitchcock, managing partner at Horizon Capital, said: “Mango is the third acquisition we have made with Ascent since our investment in the business 12 months ago.  We’re looking forward to welcoming the Mango Solutions team to Ascent and see their data capabilities as a core part of the business going forward.”