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Positive outcome for employee following settlement agreement

15th February 2024

HCR Central England office from sky

A senior employee for an international company was presented with a settlement agreements as an alternative to going through the redundancy process. In order to increase his compensation, he turned to Employment and Immigration Partner Ben Stanton and solicitor Paula Ursu for advice.

Ben and Paula negotiated with the company to ensure their client got the best deal possible. They argued that, in a volatile job market, it could take the employee longer to find a job than usual. With this in mind, they said it was in the company’s best interests to improve their offer to avoid the consultation process.

This resulted in an extension of their client’s private health insurance for three months after the termination date, and an increase in both the settlement figure and their contribution to legal costs – meaning there was no cost to the client.

Following the case, Paula said: “I’m glad we were able to help our client get an outcome that worked for him. Leaving a place of work is never easy, especially if it isn’t your choice, so a settlement agreement was clearly the right way forward for both parties.”

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