Protect your loved ones by making a will

21st December 2018

“Protecting your loved ones by making a will is probably the most important thing you will ever do” – David King

Sadly most of us will never live to a hundred and some of us will die in tragic and unexpected circumstances before we’ve had the chance to plan making a will. Beginning a new living-together relationship is therefore an ideal time to make sure you have protected your partner and any children you have by making a will.

When someone dies without making a will there are strict legal rules that decide how and when their estate is divided amongst their family.

Not surprisingly given all we have said so far those rules do not recognise couples who are not legally married or in a civil partnership.

Children can end up inheriting assets such as the family home that should be protected for the surviving partner whose only recourse becomes a costly court case against their own family.

A properly drafted will made by both parties to the relationship will avoid any issues and need not be complicated or expensive. By using trusts you can ensure that the surviving partner can remain in the family home and that children inherit at a more sensible age than 18. It’s also important to appoint a guardian to look after the children in the event that both mum and dad pass away.

Making a will should never be overlooked at any age and especially when living together and raising children without being married. It’s an essential document to protect everyone from the unthinkable.

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