Stop press! New ACAS workplace mental health (Covid-19) guidance published

25th June 2020

Employers owe a duty of care towards their staff, and championing support for employee mental health is of paramount importance, especially at the moment. ACAS has launched new guidance regarding mental health, which can be viewed here, and encompasses ways you can support your workforce’s mental health, whilst providing a variety of useful mental health resources which are listed here.

This guidance is specifically tailored to common scenarios during the Covid-19 pandemic, including where staff are homeworking, leaving their home amid social distancing restrictions to attend work, and those working from home whilst juggling home-schooling or on furlough leave. All these new situations may trigger mental health issues, inducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. This newly published guidance incorporates practical advice that can be easily and swiftly acted upon for the benefit of your workforce.

For advice or more information, please contact Ellis Jessica Walby on 07741 039 870 or at [email protected]

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