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Employment problems can be a prime cause of stress and I strive to neutralise that stress by careful, comprehensive and methodical resolution of those issues – working life is not always plain sailing, so good advice is key. I strive to be proactive, identifying possible problems before they arise, and understanding the bigger picture.

From settlement agreements and unfair dismissal claims, from junior staff to senior managers, I have worked on a wide range of cases for an equally diverse range of clients.

Packing as much as I can into each day, both at work and outside it, I can often be found at the side of a football pitch, cheering my son and his team on.

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Be as open and honest as you can when giving instructions and providing me with the background information. The more information I have and the more accurate that information, the better I can assist you and ensure the best possible outcome.

Take time to consider what your primary aim is and then relay it to me in full. The greater my understanding of your ultimate goal and what’s at the heart of your matter, the smoother the journey will be.

The value of a paper trail cannot be underestimated. If one particular incident concerning your job is troubling you, make sure you accurately document it while it’s fresh in your mind. If your problem is an ongoing one, ensure you keep an authentic paper trail of the issues at stake over a period of time.

My employer’s told me that I need legal advice on this settlement agreement – is that right?
Yes. If your employer has placed a settlement agreement before you, you will need to take independent legal advice on the terms and effect of the agreement and your ability to pursue any claims that you may have, in order for it to be a legally binding agreement. The good news is that, whilst they are under no obligation to do so, employers often think commercially and fund a large percentage of legal fees, if not the full cost, of you obtaining this legal advice. It’s vital that you understand what you’re signing – and why.

Surely I have a claim?
Possibly, but this is entirely dependent on the specific facts of your individual case. It is of paramount importance that you take specialist legal advice as soon as an issue begins to arise, as this is likely to save you time, stress and money.

I understand that you’re a solicitor – can you guide me through my divorce/draft my will/help me with my house sale/purchase?
This is often asked by various family members, friends and LinkedIn contacts. I enjoy helping anyone, but you will need to speak with a lawyer specialising in that particular area. That being said, I can certainly put you in touch with the right lawyer who can help you!

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