Webinar: Ask the Regulatory Expert

23rd June 2020


In this episode of our Ask the Experts series Robert Capper, Covid-19 Lead, asks the questions you submitted on getting businesses ready for reopening to a partner in our Licensing, Regulatory and Tax team.

  • (00:21) Can you set the scene for businesses and individuals returning to work?
  • (02:31) Will business need to adapt to ensure a safe return to work?
  • (04:52) How can we protect staff generally and what measures should we put into place?
  • (08:01) Do I need to provide masks for all my staff?
  • (10:24) What if some of them can’t wear masks because of breathing issues etc or if their role doesn’t make it easy?
  • (12:09) How do we help deaf staff who can’t lip read people wearing masks?
  • (14:50) As a member of staff what are my rights and duties with regards to health and safety?
  • (16:02) As an employer do we a legal obligation to protect staff and if so to what standard?
  • (17:58) Who is regulating the maintenance of these routines and processes?
  • (18:57) What about air conditioning systems – are they a risk? Is there guidance?
  • (22:30) How much of the risk assessment documentation to share with staff? Especially in a highly regulated industry such as dentistry. Can we produce a condensed document?

You can submit questions to [email protected]

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