Webinar: SOS! Business protection webinar- Data theft and employee restrictive covenants

20th November 2020


In the ever increasing world of homeworking and ‘bring your own device’ usage, it’s never been more important for businesses to protect their information. In this webinar, in partnership with Expert Investigations, our experts look at what business protection should look like in 2021 and beyond. Suitable for anyone in your organisation responsible for protecting business and confidential information.

This webinar is 58 minutes and 38 seconds long and includes presentations from:

  • Rachel Roberts introduces the webinar at 00:05
  • David Kearns provides an insight into an employee’s psychology when stealing their company’s data, at 01:47
  • Ellis Jessica Walby looks at the protection measures employers can put in place to protect their confidential information, at 05:35
  • David Kearns covers the investigative resources available when investigating employees, at 16:28
  • Jenny Raymond shares what you can do when an employee is in breach, at 23:57
  • Q&A starts at 44:42

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