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I enjoy the fast-paced nature of insolvency law and litigation. No two cases are the same – but they all provide interesting challenges on a daily basis. I regularly get to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the legal and insolvency industry as well as the bar. I act as a sounding board for my clients, exploring all possible options before providing clear and straightforward advice –  allowing them to constantly re-evaluate their position before taking the next move as their case evolves.

Alongside this, I have a great network of likeminded professionals and so, I can always put my clients in contact with the right people at the right times. My specialisms include contentious insolvency, commercial litigation, fraud and director disqualification.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Get in touch as soon as possible. Picking up the phone for a steer in the right direction doesn’t cost thousands of pounds. If necessary, instructing solicitors early on invariably costs less in the long run

Think about what you want to achieve. There is no sense in point scoring against an opponent or dealing with issues on the periphery if all they do is waste time, increase costs and don’t get you any closer to your goals

Provide as much information at the outset as you can. Allow me and the rest of the team to decide what is and is not important or helpful. Drip feeding information makes the job of protecting your interests that much harder.

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How long will it take?
Unfortunately it depends on the circumstances. Each case will be different, in terms of the parties involved and their particular motivations, the time and state of the case when first presented and whether court proceedings have been issued.

How much will it cost?
I will prove an estimate at the first opportunity and regularly update you ahead of incurring fees on the likely costs of each and every step.

Will I win?
I’ll work with you to identify your desired outcomes and define what a ‘win’ looks like to you – then I can answer this clearly.

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