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Claire Holford, Partner, Head of Defence & Security

Dispute Resolution

Direct Dial: 03301 075 804
Mobile: 07890 625 421

A bit about me

Letting a dispute go on for too long is costly, stressful and detrimental to your business. I’m a firm negotiator and aim to resolve your dispute early and efficiently, so you can concentrate on running your organisation.

I’m qualified in both the UK and Australia, and with over 15 years’ experience in commercial litigation, I have acted for developers in both regions, advising on professional negligence matters and complex contractual disputes. I never let my clients chase me, so I’ll always keep you updated on your case.

I work with a wide range of people, including individuals and property developers, but I also specialise in defence and security, helping companies in the sector to remove the barriers preventing them from achieving their potential. I enjoy a good commercial fight, and there’s nothing more satisfying than unravelling the evidence and building a strong case for my clients.

Want to know more?

Don’t withhold information about your case from me. In order to build a strong argument, I need to know all the details.

Take note of my advice, but don’t be afraid to question why I’m doing something – I’ll always work with you to achieve the best outcome.

I’m on your side throughout the whole process, so cooperate with me when I need your input.

Will we win?

Litigation is risky, so I can never promise that you’ll be completely successful, but I will keep you updated of the risks as your case develops.

Have I got a good case?

When we meet, tell me as much as you can. I’ll then be able to look at the positive elements of your case and determine whether success is possible. However, litigation can be unpredictable, and it’s important to bear that in mind throughout.

I’m not sure if this document is relevant. What do you think?

Give me everything you have, and I’ll decide what’s relevant to the case and what you need to disclose.

Where I work

Hear what our clients say about our Partner, Head of Defence & Security Claire Holford

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