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Clients need to achieve their goals in the most commercial and efficient manner, without over-complex structures and unnecessary legal jargon. Getting to know my clients and their business, inside out, is key to delivering tailored advice.

I have a wealth of experience working for SMEs and larger businesses in various sectors including the care sector, pharmaceutical and motor industry. My specialisms include sales and acquisitions and advising on company structures, either through governing documents or by adapting the share structure to the suit the clients’ needs.

Outside work I’m passionate about travel. I love exploring new places, whether it’s abroad or in the UK countryside with my dog, Daisy.

Successful sale of company leads to high praise for Corporate Team

Following the successful sale of their company, a Wales based client recently gave the following feedback to Partner Theresa Grech, and Associate Delyth Evans of our Corporate Team: “I would like to thank [Delyth], Theresa and everyone involved for the amazing service and going way above and beyond getting this over the line considering the difficulties we were facing. “At all times you have acted professionally, promptly, communicated effectively, and in terms that I could understand to enable me to make an informed decision. I will not hesitate to contact you should I require legal services in the future.”
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Top Tips & FAQs

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Have a shareholder’s agreement in place. I like to think of it as a ‘pre-nup’ for your company where you can agree on decision making and how shares are to be dealt with. It is better to document everything at the outset to avoid any unnecessary disputes down the line.

Familiarise yourself with your company’s governing documents (articles of association and shareholders agreement) so that you are aware of who can make decisions and how.

Always keep written records of all decisions made and the terms of transactions entered into to avoid any future disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an asset sale/acquisition and a share sale/acquisition?

An asset sale/acquisition is whereby only specific assets of the business (goodwill, data, physical assets etc as agreed) are being sold or acquired as part of the transaction, limiting the purchaser’s liability to those specific assets being acquired. A share sale/acquisition is whereby shareholders sell their personal shares in the company. The purchasers acquire the entirety of the company including all liabilities (unless specifically limited under the purchase agreement).

What decisions need to be recorded and filed at Companies House?

All decisions at director and shareholder level need to be documented and recorded. Under the Companies Act 2006 there are certain thresholds (ordinary/special resolutions) that need to be met for certain decisions/transactions and then certain decisions also need to filed at Companies House. It is important to be aware of what decisions need to be filed to ensure accurate company records at Companies House.

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