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Denise Wilkinson, Partner, Agriculture and Estates

Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Direct Dial: 01223 532 743
Mobile: 07799 863 855

A bit about me

Working with clients whose business is often inextricable from their family lives, I know how important it is to truly understand how they and their business works so that I can give them the practical and strategic advice they need.

From farmers, estate owners and managers to a range of landowners including individuals and charities, I support my clients by ensuring that their future can be secured and that they achieve the best possible outcome.

To do this, I keep ahead of the legal trends in their area of law and keep up to date with what they want to achieve. Several of my clients are involved in renewables or are exploring biodiversity net gain and carbon capture schemes.

I’m interested in everything to do with the countryside and rural life, and that is reflected in what I love outside work – I’m also passionate about education and am involved in mentoring, adult literacy and legal education.

Want to know more?

Don’t just document how you are going to do things. Actually do it that way and evidence you have done it.

Make sure you know where your essential paperwork is (such as wills and partnership deeds) and make sure that they are kept up to date and reflect what you are doing now/ want to happen in the future.

Check boundaries at least once a year and make sure signage still standing and up to date.

Why shouldn’t I fight it all the way/ argue about it?

It will cost you far too much or will blight your home/ business life; it is too close to home. Let’s try to sort it out so you can forget about it and stop paying for it.

How will I get the family to agree?

Talk to them, let us talk them through it or find someone else they will listen to; but do it.

How much will it cost?

When we have discussed it, you will be comfortable with it and you’ll know what you got for it.

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