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As a farmer’s son who grew up on a dairy farm in Herefordshire, agricultural and rural business law has always been a passion of mine. Specialising in this area allows me to remain working with and supporting an industry I know, and which is of fundamental importance.

We get to know the clients and the relevant families and provide strategic advice about what works commercially and strategically, not just legal advice. I work with landed estates, landed charities including Oxbridge Colleges, family partnerships, sole traders and family farming companies. I take the time to understand the market and industry within which I work, not just keeping up to date with legal developments.

My areas of expertise include strategic land (promotion agreements, options, hybrid agreements, landowner collaboration agreements), sales and purchases of farms, estates and rural land including overages, agricultural support mechanisms, landlord and tenant services, renewable energy and farming partnerships.

I’m an active member of the local agricultural community and sit on the Northamptonshire committee of the Country Land and Business Association.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, getting out into the countryside and rugby.

Want to know more?

Get proper advice at the right time – early engagement by professionals to make sure issues are understood and matters structured properly can result in an overall time and cost saving.

Give your advisors the full facts – they need to understand how the transaction fits into the overall strategy. Trying to limit what an advisor is told to save costs is a false economy.

Get things in writing. It is a record of what is agreed and helps you see what you still need to consider.

When can you get this done by?

What is your timescale and then discuss how we can work to achieve this.

This is a bit unusual, are we able to do this?

First let’s consider if it works commercially and what the risks are. If it works commercially then we will find a way to get it done.

How long can an overage last for?

There is no legal limit, but for a speculative overage 20-50 years is the range to consider.

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