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Working in real estate dispute resolution means no two days are ever the same. Real estate dispute resolution involves working with tangible assets, problem solving and working with a great variety of clients – I work with a mix of landlords, tenants, leaseholders, businesses and individuals.

Thorough, practical advice is required at all stages in order to help you balance risks and costs with your desired goals. Being aware of the commercial element and how it could affect you, I will always try and resolve your case before it gets to a court room. This will not only save you time and costs, but also preserves relationships going forward.

Successful sale of property following Real Estate Dispute Solicitor’s advice and guidance

When Mr Bailey needed to obtain vacant possession of two residential properties,  he contacted Georgia Dinallo, Solicitor in HCR’s Real Estates Disputes team, for advice. The properties had been let out for many years and there were deficiencies in the tenancy documentation that prevented him from serving a more straightforward notice on the tenants. Georgia’s expertise in real estate disputes meant she was able to work with her client to secure possession of the properties. Alexandra Wild in the Real Estate team also worked with the client to ensure he was able to sell the properties when the time came. Following this, Mr Bailey provided this testimonial: “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your assistance on the sale of the property. Your help, advice & support in getting through the new tenancy agreements was superb. “To have both yourself and Alexandra Wild at your Cheltenham Office working together has been a great comfort during this difficult time for our family.”
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Always seek legal advice before doing anything rash – early advice can often save you time and money in the long run.

Be realistic with your goals – litigation can take months to get to court. Often, the time-consuming nature of the process can outweigh your goals.

Always consider whether making an offer to settle, without prejudice, might further your commercial goals in the long run.

My frequently asked questions

If I win my case, will you be able to recover my costs?

This differs on a case-by-case basis, and depends on which court your case is heard in. If you win your case, you may only be awarded between 50-60% of your costs back. You also need to consider whether the other side have the means to pay these costs.

I want to evict my tenants – can I forcibly remove them?

No, you must follow the correct legal procedure to evict them. This may involve going to court. Seek legal advice before acting, as landlord and tenant law changes – you don’t want to accidentally worsen your position.

I think my neighbours are encroaching on my land. What should I do first?

Seek legal advice – we’ll be able to consider the title documents for the land and advise you accordingly.

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