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Every real estate transaction is different and I enjoy the variety of work as well as the range of people involved in the world of property.

I deal with a wide range of issues including development, investment, landlord and tenant, and funding work. My particular focus and experience lies in residential development, strategic land transactions, complex collaborations, and Joint Ventures. My clients range from residential developers and landowners to investors or promoters. I am committed to providing clients with an excellent level of service and advice which is practical, proactive and commercial.

Outside work, my passions are my family and friends, all kinds of sports and travel.

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Involve your lawyers at the earliest opportunity so they can assist in structuring the deal and agreeing heads of terms.

Choose a lawyer you will enjoy working with and speak frankly to them to ensure you pass on all relevant information. The more we know about our client, the better we can help.

Never be afraid to ask a question.

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How much will it cost?

That’s not always an easy question to answer in complex deals, but we will work hard to scope the work with you, provide the estimate and keep you updated. We are happy to explore alternative pricing mechanisms.

What makes you different from other lawyers?

I first seek to understand my client’s main drivers in the transaction to ensure focus is kept on what matters most to them and to ensure that their commercial objectives are achieved.

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