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Working for a wide range of organisations, from care providers to manufacturers and from sporting bodies to construction firms, I encounter an equally wide range of disputes; working with clients to resolve these takes dedication and careful thought.

I enjoy both the challenge of coming up with solutions for clients and the tactical aspect of my work, but above all, I want to resolve problems as cost-effectively as possible.

Outside work I love spending time with my family and friends.

Want to know more?

Document everything – this may be laborious, but it could prove crucial in the event of a dispute.

Seek legal advice before matters escalate to a full-blown dispute – there may be a practical way to resolve the issues.

Court action should always be the last resort; consider if there is a more commercially acceptable way to resolve matters – negotiation or mediation, for example.

What is a dispute resolution solicitor?
A solicitor who advises on and resolves disputes between parties, using a range of approaches including negotiation, mediation and litigation.

How much will it cost?
It can be difficult to provide an accurate assessment of the likely costs at the outset of a case. I will provide a fee estimate at the start of each stage and seek agreement before I go ahead.

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