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When facing difficult experiences, such as the end of a relationship or the break-up of a family, it’s important for individuals to be provided with the tools they need to enable them to move forward.

I work with families and individuals to provide tailored advice while helping them to reach a workable way forward. I have specialist experience in advising and assisting unmarried couples regarding financial matters, and assisting with wealth protection at the outset of a relationship – including pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements where appropriate. I also advise clients in relation to rural and farming businesses when relationships break down.

Outside work, my passions include travel, socialising and meeting and learning from new people.

Family Law Partner praised for “sharp focus” during post-divorce negotiations

Family Law Partner and Family Mediator Laura Williams was contacted recently to assist with unresolved financial, property and pension issues following a divorce. Laura carried out negotiations during court proceedings on behalf of her client. Laura’s expertise in Family Law led to a successful outcome for the client. Following the case, they said: “Thank you for your work on my behalf. I appreciated your clarity, and your sharp focus in an attempt to keep legal fees from escalating.”
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Family Law Partner commended for “brilliance, skill and fire” in divorce case

Divorce can be difficult at the best of times – but when financial matters are involved, they often require expert advice to be resolved. Family Law Partner and Mediator Laura Williams was contacted by a client to help during divorce proceedings. Laura’s skill in negotiation during the process was second to none, and led to the court finding in her client’s favour and ordering contribution towards her client’s costs. The outcome led to her client providing the following testimonial: “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me since I started divorce proceedings. It has been a long, emotional and exhausting journey, but you made it so much more bearable with your knowledge, empathy determination and patience. “It was most definitely the right decision to hire you as my solicitor – I have recommended you to friends due to your brilliance, skill and fire for this area of law. Thank you for everything – I really cannot find the words to express the level of gratitude I have.”
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Child arrangements and financial matters finalised outside of court lead to testimonial for Family Law Partner

Divorce is often as difficult for children as it is for the parents involved. During one such divorce, Family Law Partner and Mediator Laura Williams was turned to for advice, support and understanding. Outside of the court process, Laura cut through to what was important – negotiating the child arrangements and dealing with the financial matters so that all parties could move on. Following this, Laura received the following heartfelt testimonial from her client: “I’d like to thank you for your help throughout this process. I know it’s your job, but having you to look after my case gave me great peace of mind, as everything was dealt with concisely and professionally.”
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Top Tips & FAQs

Discover my top tips

Take one day at a time and trust that things will be ok.

Concentrate on what is going to be important to you in 12 months’ time and keep that in mind when making decisions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – you are far better placed to make long term decisions that are right for you and your family if you have all of the information, along with sensible and pragmatic advice, early on.

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How long will it take?
Unfortunately this is never an easy question to answer. The length of time it takes to resolve matters varies greatly depending on the clients, issues and approach taken. However, if all involved are willing to compromise and focus on solutions at the outset, the quicker you’ll be able to resolve matters and get some finality.

What would you do?
I’m always open with clients about my own experiences of separation and the importance to me to ensure that everyone came out of it ok and that my children would still have the benefit of their parents working together for them. I think this is what most people want, so my advice is very often tailored with this in mind.

How much will it all cost me?
This is a genuine concern for every client. It depends on a variety of factors, but what is important is that you ensure you don’t spend any more than you need to – this means being solution-focussed, having all of the information at hand to make pragmatic and informed decisions, and having all the support you need to make those decisions as early as possible.

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