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I chose to work in real estate because I have always found the work to be interesting with a variety of different areas to get stuck into, which means there are always more things to learn. I am dedicated to ensuring that my wide range of clients are happy and content that they can always contact me when they need to.

For me, making the deal happen is more important than the actual job itself and I’ll do whatever I can to make the client happy and get the job done for them. I work with a diverse range of clients – from lenders, developers and charities, to higher education institutions, government bodies, private companies, and private individuals.

My typical day to day work involves preparing, negotiating and completing a wide range of real estate documents for small, medium and large-scale residential and commercial transactions including sales, purchases refinancing and leases. I also deal with registrations of unregistered land.

In my free time I enjoy watching football and boxing, cooking, and watching stand-up comedy.

Top Tips & FAQs

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Take legal advice as early as possible – this can assist resolving issues before formal proceedings are instigated.

Understand the contract you are entering and follow its terms and remind yourself of those terms so you ensure continued compliance with them.

Keep good and accurate records.

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Can we get this matter completed quickly?

This is very much dependent on the response times of the solicitor on the other side and their client and also the extent of work involved in the transaction which will only be known once the documents are reviewed

Can you just do what you thinks best rather than asking me how I wish to proceed?

I’m always happy to make suggestions and advise you on what I think is the best way forward but ultimately the decision needs to come from the client

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