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Real estate allows a solicitor to witness the practical results of a fast-paced transaction. Property and land are some of the most valuable assets an individual will buy, and there is a huge sense of satisfaction in being able to share in my clients successes.

I thrive under pressure and do my best to achieve what may seem like ambitious deadlines. I’ll make sure to get the job done while keeping you informed at each stage of the process.

I’ve worked with corporate organisations, SME’s, lenders, banks and individuals to ensure they achieve their goals.

Outside work, I am an avid football player and play for Gloucester City AFC – and spend my weekends either on the pitch or walking my two dogs.

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Get us involved early from the heads of terms stage. If we know your objectives and aims from the outset, we can ensure these are achieved by completion.

Be prepared to consider alternatives. We may be able to offer sensible, pragmatic and more suitable options which you may not have first considered.

Share your priorities and ‘deal-breakers’ with us. If you let us know what the key deal-breakers are, we can negotiate and secure these for you.

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